Who Murdered Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Denialism? Find Out in This Whodunnit Video!

For decades, many climate change and sea level rise denialists have aggressively fought against the 97 percent of climate scientists who agree that climate change and sea level rise are for real and they’re growing worse every year.

The denialist also turned a blind eye to the natural disasters — the intense wildfires, floods, droughts, tropical weather systems — that are plaguing the planet. There was, however, a recent development that should finally drive a wooden stake through the hearts of those who refuse to believe the climate scientists or the slow-motion but escalating disaster we’re all witnessing with our own eyes. Watch this murder mystery video to find out whodunnit.

I’ve also posted several videos that explain what Sea Level Rise Real Estate is and how it can help buyers, sellers, owners, and real estate agents to protect their financial futures from rising seas. Enjoy!

Author: Larry Richardson

Larry Richardson relies on his journalism, real estate, photography and videography experience and education to create SeaLevelRiseRealEstate.com and annual editions of "7 Sea Level Rise Real Estate Questions for Buyers, Sellers, Owners & Real Estate Agents." Richardson, an inactive but licensed real estate agent in Florida with a dozen years of experience, also owns StepByStepChef.com, which features YouTube videos with over 10 million views