The Climate, Coastal Communities Battling Sea Level Rise, and Real Estate Owners Can’t Wait Four More Years

This November’s election is pivotal for the climate, coastal communities battling sea level rise and real estate owners. For the last four years, the federal government has largely put climate change on the back burner. In fact, the White House and U.S. Senate have not only shelved it, they’ve taken steps to make the situation worse by rolling back environmental policies intended to reduce the burning of fossil fuels. This, of course, is releasing more heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, resulting in hotter temperatures in the air, land and sea.

Four more years of climate neglect could bring us to the tipping point where global temperatures can’t be rolled back in time to reduce the impact of global warming, such as rapid sea level rise, wildfires, stronger storms, and animal extinctions. It’s important to note here that beginning Nov. 4, the White House will be able to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which is key to addressing climate change on a global scale.

This video lays out what’s at stake in the November election and recommends that voters research candidates to find out where they stand on the climate change and vote accordingly.

Author: Larry Richardson

Larry Richardson relies on his journalism, real estate, photography and videography experience and education to create and annual editions of "7 Sea Level Rise Real Estate Questions for Buyers, Sellers, Owners & Real Estate Agents." Richardson, an inactive but licensed real estate agent in Florida with a dozen years of experience, also owns, which features YouTube videos with over 10 million views