Welcome to SeaLevelRiseRealEstate.com!

SeaLevelRiseRealEstate.com is intended to keep readers of “7 Sea Level Rise Real Estate Questions” up to date on sea level rise developments until the next edition is published in December 2020.

Welcome to SeaLevelRiseRealEstate.com! This site is intended to keep readers of “7 sea Level Rise Real Estate Questions” up to date on the latest developments regarding sea level rise until the next edition is published in December 2021.

Developments in sea level rise science are happening so fast that predictions made today probably won’t be valid tomorrow. Unfortunately, each update has been in the direction of seas rising at a faster than expected rate, rather than slower. The latest moderate predictions are calling for three feet of sea level rise by the end of this century. The high-end predictions, which are starting to look more likely, have sea level rising up to six-and-a-half feet by 2100.

Regardless of the predictions, sea level rise flooding is already impacting our Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coastlines. Properties are already being inundated, especially during higher than normal king tides, which mainly occur during the fall. And governments are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars implementing plans to hold back the rising seas and safeguard critical infrastructure, such as roads, water and sewer pipes and entire military installations.

With this dire outlook, buyers, sellers, owners, and real estate agents in coastal areas must educate themselves about the risks posed by sea level rise and act on the information they gather. An experienced real estate agent in South Florida — the front line of sea level rise due to the regions low elevation — and experienced journalist, I wrote “7 Sea Level Rise Real Estate Questions” to give all interested parties a firm understanding of what sea level is, the risks it poses to coastal areas, and the resources and questions that need to be asked that will help them to decide how to proceed with a property of interest located in a coastal community.

Please visit this site often for the lasted reports on sea level rise and its impact on our communities.


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